Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Training Courses Essex

Onsite PowerPoint 2013 training courses at your own offices in Essex from £55 per delegate

Microsoft PowerPoint has always been market leader in presentation software. The latest version has even more features than ever, but learning what they are and how to use them can be time consuming. Our 1 day Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 training course will get you and your staff up to speed quickly and ensure that their presentations look professional and engaging.

Computer Requirements for Microsoft Office 2013

Office 2013 runs on Windows 7 and Windows 8, it will run on desktop PC’s, notebooks, tablets and mobile phones, or on Windows Server 2008 R2 or later.  The Office 2013 family includes a large number of desktop applications as well as server products like Exchange and SharePoint.

Office 2013 will not run on Windows XP or Vista which means that many computers will need an upgrade before Office 2013 can be installed

What’s New in PowerPoint 2013?

Collaborating on Presentations

With Microsoft’s emphasis on improved collaboration, the new default setting means that presentations can be saved online to SkyDrive which allows the author to easily share their presentation with colleagues so that they can be working on the same presentation

Wide Screen Views

There is a new look with wide-screen themes which have been created to take advantage of the new wide screen monitors

Improved Visual Presentation Tools

Videos, pictures shapes and customised icons can be more easily created and added to enhance your presentation.

More Themes

Themes have been changed so that you can select a template and within that template select a variant.  If the inbuilt ones do not meet your requirements you can search online for a huge range of others from the Microsoft online facility at the touch of a button.

New Presentation Tools

When presenting, you can now direct your audience’s attention to your main point by zooming in or out of a diagram, chart or graphic with a couple of clicks.

Another useful feature is the ability to switch slides, regardless of whether they are in or out of sequence, with a grid that only you can see, so your audience can only see what you have selected.   Also when you project on to a second screen you won’t have to worry that your presentation appears on the correct screen

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Microsoft Excel Training Courses Essex

We are a National Microsoft training specialists and can deliver Excel courses at your offices anywhere in Essex.

excel2010-logoHosting Microsoft training at your own premises can work out considerably cheaper than attending public Excel courses. Our low group rates start from just £55 per person – please see our Onsite Training page for full details.

Onsite Excel training at your own offices has several advantages of public courses:

  • More cost effective
  • No wasted travelling time or associated expenses
  • Course content can be tailored to suit your staffs’ requirements
  • Typically smaller class sizes

All our courses are very practical in nature, with delegates using the software continually throughout the day. In this way they build a range of new skills designed to enhance their effectiveness in the office. We deliver Excel training at 3 levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. Here is a brief overview of each course content:

Foundation Excel

  • Introduction to spreadsheets
  • Overview of Excel menus and toolbars
  • Entering and editing data & text
  • Adjusting column & rows
  • Inserting and deleting columns & rows
  • Selecting & formatting data
  • Copy and pasting data & text
  • Using Auto sum for quick calculations
  • How to build formulas to perform calculations
  • Introduction to Excel functions
  • Printing Excel spreadsheets

Intermediate Excel

  • Excel overview refresher
  • Understanding absolute cell addresses
  • Linking data between workbooks
  • Using advanced formulas & functions
  • Highlighting values with conditional formatting
  • Understanding Conditional Logic: Using IF statements
  • Finding records using VLookup & HLookup functions
  • Creating subtotals & working with levels
  • Sorting data using advanced filters
  • Sorting data using pivot tables and charts
  • Creating and using macros
  • Protecting workbooks, worksheets & individual cells
  • Consolidating data in multiple worksheets & workbooks
  • Data validation: creating drop-down lists
  • Embedding spreadsheets in Word & PowerPoint documents
  • Using charts and graphs to display data

Advanced Excel

  • Advanced Conditional Logic: nested IF, AND, OR & NOT functions
  • The Maths Functions: using SUMIF, COUNTIF & AVERAGEIF
  • New Excel 2007 Functions: using SUMIFS, COUNTIFS & AVERAGEIFS
  • Working with Data: the TRIM, FIND, MID & VALUE functions
  • Finding Data Records: using the MATCH & INDEX functions
  • Advanced Database Functions: the DSUM, DAVERAGE & DCOUNT functions
  • Analytical Tools: using Goal Seek & Scenarios

All of our Microsoft courses can be tailored to suit your own requirements and we also offer a free training needs analysis service.

For more information about onsite Excel training courses in Essex, please contact us below.